Former appraiser gets first pot license in WA

His company’s name celebrates being too stoned to get off the couch, and he hopes to bring an ultra-potent “super joint” to market.

Meet Sean Green, chief executive of Kouchlock Productions and the proud owner of Washington state’s first legal-marijuana business license.

Green said he got involved in the industry after his decade-long career as an independent real-estate appraiser dried up. He took $10,000 and started Pacific Northwest Medical in Shoreline in 2011, later expanding to Spokane.

He plans to begin by growing 1,200 square feet of starter plants to provide to other growers as they become licensed. He expects to expand to growing marijuana buds for retail, with 30 to 50 employees. For now, he said he will also continue running his medical operations, though the Legislature is considering whether to bring medical marijuana into the same system as recreational pot.

My comment: I love the creative diversification!! Yes, I do have a California medical marijuana card…

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How many appraisers are left?

I like to use California as it has always included trainees. is ok but includes duplicate licenses.

1994: 16,000 total license appraisers
1999 11,000 total license appraisers
2007 20,000 total license appraisers
2014: 12,232 total licensed appraisers

3,343 certified general appraiser;
6,147 certified residential appraiser;
1,906 appraiser licenses and
836 appraiser trainees.
total 12,232 appraisers

Quite a change up and down. Reflecting the mortgage market, of course!!

Posted by appraiser Roy Villa. Thanks!!

There are still way too many left!!

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