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Who am I?

Anne O'Rourke Portrait

The publisher/Webmaster is Ann O’Rourke, MAI, SRA, a practicing fee appraiser (commercial and residential) in Alameda California.

I have been appraising for over 40 years. Since 1992, I have also been publishing Appraisal Today paid subscription newsletter and a free weekly email appraiser newsletter. I traveled for speaking and giving seminars to appraisers all over the country until recently.

For more information, go to Ann O’Rourke’s resume.

Why hire me for an appraisal?

  • Timely service – always complete appraisals by the deadline. Competitive fees.
  • Over 40 years of appraisal experience. Appraising in Alameda County since 1992. My specialty is appraisals in the city of Alameda.
  • MAI and SRA designations make appraisals more credible and acceptable.
  • All types of properties – single family, apartments, commercial, industrial, and vacant land
  • I am fairly well known in the appraisal community as I have had articles published in most of the national appraisal publications and have spoken to appraisers all over the country. I am a designated member of the Appraisal Institute.
  • If you’re not sure if my company is “legitimate,” you can verify my information at the Appraisal Institute web site, click on “Find an appraiser” then type in City: Alameda and State: CA. For more information on this Web site, go to our Web site FAQ page.

Where Am I Located?

My office is in Alameda, California, inside a marina, with a view of the boats. It’s a tough life! I used to have a 22 foot sailboat, a Santana 22, which I actively raced on San Francisco Bay until my business started taking too much of my time. Lousy excuse! Alameda is an island in San Francisco Bay, across an estuary from Oakland and 10 miles southeast across the Bay from San Francisco.

How to Contact Me

My phone number is 800-839-0227. Our normal business hours are 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, California time. Since I am a practicing appraiser, I can be difficult to contact. If you call and I’m not in, let me know what’s a good time to call back and your time zone. If we are out of the office, the phone cuts to voice mail on the 6th ring. The phone numbers are on the bottom of this page. I can also be contacted by e-mail or snail mail.

What I am Selling?

The primary purpose of this Web site is information for my newsletter subscribers and other appraisers. If you want to order an appraisal in Alameda, California, contact me. I only do a few appraisals outside the city of Alameda.

How Do I Have Time for Appraising, Web Sites, Speaking, Publishing, etc?

I work about a 40 hour week, with 20 hours on appraising and 20 hours on publishing/speaking/etc. I like appraising because I love to have people pay me to find out what’s happening in real estate! Of course, like all self employed people I do not work the same amount of hours every week. Sometimes I have to work 7 days a week.