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Marketing and Management Tips for Appraisers

9-23 Update. Appraisal business is down in many areas. In early 2022, my monthly Appraisal Today started focusing on getting non-lender appraisals and increasing your lender appraisals. 

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I want to help appraisers. started My paid newsletter started in 1992. My free weekly newsletter started in 1994.  Many of the “classic” business article topics, such as Can you sell your appraisal business, have not changed much since they were first written. Others have changed significantly, especially with new technology.

I want to give appraisers marketing and management tips. I learned a lot in graduate business school and managing my appraisal and publishing businesses.

Managing an appraisal business is much easier than businesses such as restaurants, which are much more management intensive. However, very few appraisal businesses are large enough to support owners/managers who are also not producers, doing appraisals and/or reviewing staff work.

Below are articles previously published in  Appraisal Today on popular management topics for appraisers. Every month Appraisal Today newsletter has articles on business topics and hot appraisal topics!


Increasing productivity 

Marketing tips

      A few of the recent Marketing articles available in the paid Appraisal Today newsletter

  • What lenders don’t use AMCs and how to get work from them – VA, local banks, mortgage companies, hard money, etc.
  • Your Web Site – the easiest and fastest way to get non-AMC work!
  • Staying positive with unreasonable fees and Scope Creep from AMCs 

Financial tips 

A few of the recent Financial articles available in the paid Appraisal Today newsletter

  • Will you still be appraising when you’re 85 (or 90)?
  • E&O Insurance Update – liability threats, state board complaints, etc. List of E&O insurance companies. Don’t just look at the cost. Beware!!
  • Year-end tax planning for appraisers. What you can do now to save money on your taxes!! Published every year in December. 

A few of the recent Internet articles available in the paid Appraisal Today newsletter

  • How to connect with other appraisers online. 
  • How to get a web site for your business

Hiring appraisers and trainees 

Blasts from the Past! A little bit of history. 

Every month Appraisal Today newsletter has articles on business topics.