We have Over 18,000 Email Subscribers to our very popular free weekly appraiser email newsletter, sent out since 1994!!

About 35% of appraisers read their email on smart phones and other mobile devices (mostly smart phones). Your email ads will be  formatted so everyone can easily read your ads. No more teeny type and links!!

To see a sample ad on a desktop computer and on a smartphone (“regular” and mobile friendly) Click here   Very different!!

  • We do not use any rented lists. We use only subscribers to our free weekly email newsletter. All subscribers are pre-qualified as appraisers who want to find out what is happening and where to buy products and services. To see what our emails, and our ads, look like, go to our Newsletter archive (Note: email ads do not start with the word Newz)
  •  Open rates for the free email newsletter are 30-35%. Open rates for the ads are around 25-30%, depending on your product and ad copy, which is very high for email ads.
  • We send you full statistics on number received, number opened, and click throughs for your ad, including stats on all your links so you know how effective they are. We send them 2-3 days after they are sent.
  • When can ads be sent? Ads can be sent any day except Friday. We send our free email newsletter that day, and the ads sent that same day often have lower open rates.  Also, no ads sent on the first of the month, or  the next business day, when my paid newsletter is sent. Subscribers sometimes get confused ;>
  • Sorry, I can’t segment by location. I started my email newsletter in 1994 and was not able to do location info then, and I have never collected location information.
  • Payment terms: Typically in advance for first time advertisers. We can bill for corporate and large company advertisers.
  • Who sets up your email ads? Our Ad Tech, Christa Kasson custom codes your ads and makes sure they is readable on mobile devices from all types of email software. She receives your ad, sets it up, does any changes, and after your approval schedules your ad.

Your email ads are sent separate from the free weekly email newsletter, with  significantly higher response than banner ads!!


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Contact us by email or call 510-865-8041.
Advertising agreement – we need to have this emailed to us.
Advertising FAQs – who, what, where, why

See what recent ads look like at our email archive(Note: email ads do not start with Newz)

Full ad tracking stats are sent to all advertisers for all email ads.

E-Mail Advertising Prices for 2024

One time – $550, 3 times – $500 each, 6 times or more – $450 each

Format options for email ads

We work with Photoshop and Dreamweaver to layout the ads so we are very flexible. We do custom coded ads, to set them up for mobile devices so they can be easily read. No teeny type on smartphones ;>

For images, the best quality images are best.  We can adjust the size of any image in HTML/CSS.  The higher the quality the better for today’s retina display phones.  We cannot take a small image and increase its size, but we can take a large image and make it smaller without losing quality.  .jpg, .png are great for images that are photos or have a lot of detail.  .gifs are good for images that have minimal amount of detail and colors.

Email layout widths can be from 600px wide to 720px wide.  Length should not be too long.  In today’s fast-paced world, too much text is almost deleted immediately. Easy “Call-to-Action” elements like buttons with a brief description is better.

As for what we need, we can use a word document for the text or a simple email.  This allows us to cut and paste the text into the coded email. We would need a visual of what you want in the email if you already have an idea of the layout. Use whatever is comfortable for you to give to us just so we get a visual of what you want.  You can use Word, PDF, Excel, Photoshop, etc…

When we get a request from a client that does not specify colors or elements, we will refer to their website and match their branding.  Of course, you will get a proof of the email before it goes out so you can suggest any changes.

More info on our E-Mail Ads

What days can email ad be sent?
Mon, Tues., Wed., Thursday No email ads on the first of the month, or the next business day. That is when our paid monthly newsletter goes out. Our free email newsletter goes out every Friday. Readers get confused if we sent out two emails on the same day ;> Emails can be sent on Saturday or Sunday, but no one does this…

  • Ad click throughs are sent to all advertisers (Sorry, tracking not available for email links)
  • See what other ads look like at our email archive
  • Sent to over 17,000 appraisers every week!! 100% opt-in
  • Fast feedback on your product and marketing copy, as results are received within a few days.
  • 100% opt-in. These emails are opened and read!!
  • An Email archive lets subscribers read old emails they “lost” and are read by site visitors
  • “Push” advertising – sent to subscribers email box
  • Original content targeted to appraisers, so the emails are read, and not just sent to the trash
  • Sent every week since June, 1994. Lots of appraisers know about it
  • Almost all the subscribers are appraisers, either staff or fee.

Banner ads in the free email newsletter

  • Sorry, not available on the top of the page (reserved for our sponsor). Ads are placed between brief news articles, so they fit in with the flow of reading the newsletter.
  • $150 for one time. 3 times or more $125 each . 6 times or more $100 each.
  • Optimum size: 600px by 45px
  • Rotating ads are okay, but  only the first ad (slice) will show up on smartphones due to limitations of email client software.  Make the first layer (slice) the most important call to action item
  • We send you full stats within 3-4 days of emailing.