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Humor and jokes for appraisers

We all need a little humor! Here are some of the humorous stories, jokes, and lists I have collected. Most of them have been published in my newsletter, Appraisal Today. I have included the issue date. I’d like to take credit for them, but they were all sent to my by other appraisers. I seldom know the original source as they have been faxed and/or emailed too many times! One of the primary uses of email is for sending jokes, including appraisal jokes! Most of these jokes came to me by email.

Feel free to send these to other appraisers who need a few laughs, or just send the link to this page!

Got any good appraiser or computer jokes? Fax, email, or snail mail them to me. You may see your name in print and on the Internet! See my contact information at the bottom of this page.