1. What is your company name and location?
  • The publishing company is Real Estate Communication Resources (RECR), the original company name. We are known as Appraisal Today. My appraisal company is Ann O’Rourke & Associates.
  • The offices of both companies are located at 1826 Clement Ave. Suite 203, Alameda, Calif.
  1. What if there are problems with getting your PDF newsletters?
  1. How do I know my online order is secure?
  • Your order will be processed on the secure servers of our e-commerce provider, Cardpointe, providing online secure ordering using SSL.
  1. How do I know your company is legitimate and will email my subscription order?
  • I have been publishing information for appraisers since June 1992 and started my appraisal practice in 1986. My publishing business is 100% digital. I have always accepted credit cards.
  • I am fairly well known in the appraisal community and have had articles published in most major publications.
  • I am a designated member of the Appraisal Institute, a well-respected appraisal association. To check me out, go to http://www.appraisalinstitute.org and look in the member directory for Ann O’Rourke.
  1. What if I have questions about your products?
  • All the orders are emailed from my office in Alameda, Calif.
  1. Why won’t you bill me for my order?
  • For unknown reasons, I have not had much luck collecting newsletter billings from appraisers, so I no longer accept bill-me orders. Occasionally, I will bill someone for a newsletter subscription if they work for a major corporation and provide me with a P.O. number. Generally, employees use their own credit cards and get reimbursed for their expenses, as few orders go over $200.

Canadian orders

  • My 800 numbers work in all provinces of Canada.
  • I am unable to accept checks written on Canadian banks. My bank has problems processing them. My apologies.

International orders

  • Payments must be in U.S. funds. The easiest method is to use the Credit Card Order Form
  • My 800 numbers don’t work outside the U.S. and Canada. Please call 510-865-8041, providing the information on the order form.
  • All orders are emailed to you. PDF.