This article was written in 2002 and was a Blast From the Past and most of the material was removed. There have been significant changes since then,such as Facebook groups, etc..

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Most appraisers are in one-appraiser firms, or have only a few appraisers. Communicating with other appraisers can be very valuable.

What would you want to discuss? Here are just a few of the topics discussed on appraiser mailing lists and chat boards.

  • How to appraise a cemetery.
  • Whether a prospective client pays promptly.
  • The future of appraising.
  • Regulatory issues.
  • What’s the best software?
  • What’s the best digital camera?
  • How to get started in appraising.
  • How to get more business.

Commercial appraiser tips:

  • Most participants in the email lists and chat boards  are residential appraisers, as the vast majority of appraisers are residential.