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Internet tips and tricks for appraisers

The Internet is becoming a tremendously useful source of information for appraisers. These pages have information useful for beginners as well as experienced Internet users. If you have any tips you’d like to see on here, please send email to!

Sorry, this page has not been updated for a few years. The older links were removed.

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Email is the most popular use of the Internet, by far. Many people use email and don’t use the Web, even if they have Web access.

  • Ever get emails saying: Urgent-virus alert? Go to   All the most recent ones will be posted here. They also have information on real viruses. Go to the link to the Virus Center on the left of the screen.
  • Having problems connecting with commercial real estate brokers? Try sending email – sometimes it works!! Many are too busy to talk with appraisers during office hours, but answer their emails before or after business hours.
  • I use email mailing lists to keep me informed of what my appraisal association is doing, both locally and nationally, set up “meetings at the bar” when attending conferences, find out what appraisers think about a topic, etc. There are lists for general chit-chat, marketing, general information, and data exchange. The number of lists keep expanding. You can even start your own list!
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  • Email has developed its own etiquette, which I call netiquette. Before posting a message in all caps or some other faux-paux, read Netiquette and Smileys for appraisers!
  • Getting overwhelmed with email? Check out How to manage your email.
  • For a good joke, go to the How to tell you’re an email junkie page.