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The future of residential appraising

Is the future of residential appraising just form filling for mortgage brokers? Is there any future for professional residential appraisers? Appraisers who can do an appraisal without being given a number to “come up with”? Appraisers who really look at highest and best use and don’t just check a box on a form saying the highest and best use is the current use?

Proposed changes in SRA designation (fall of 2004)

Commentary on SRA changes

Now, residential appraisers holding the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute (AI) have higher requirements than for state certified appraisers. In 2004 the AI proposed to change the requirements to match the AQB 2008 state requirements, with the changes starting 1/1/05. Is this another nail in the coffin for professional residential appraisers?