Where to get your appraisal web site listed

Updated 9-20 

I have written a lot about appraiser web sites in my paid Appraisal Today newsletter.

3 tips: I see websites without this info all the time!!
1. Get a google business Free listing.
2.  To help google find you, have
Location (city state address)
How to contact you
What types of appraisals you do. I
3. A typical business website “template” works well

If no one can find you, they can’t give you any business.
Extremely important for non-lender work.

50% of my appraisal business has come from my website since 1998, when I set it up. The other half is from referrals. 

How to use Google addresses in your appraisals!!(Opens in a new browser tab)

Why are appraiser phone numbers and email addresses so hard to find online?(Opens in a new browser tab)


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