About this free email newsletter, the ad-only emails
and the Paid Appraisal Today Newsletter

Why are there so many ad-only emails?

How long do these emails take to write? About 5-6 hours, not counting all the time I spend on Facebook, appraiser email discussion groups, emails of lender news, speaking with appraisers, etc. I was getting a “bad attitude” about spending so much time on them.

So, I “monetized” these free weekly newsletters. I had always taken occasional ads, text and banner ads from various vendors. In July, 2013, I started taking ad-only emails, sent separately from these email newsletters. In 2015, Liability Insurance Administrators started sponsoring these emails and getting an ad in every email. Now, I am making some money and have a much more positive attitude about spending the time to write them. I like writing them, but could be doing appraisals instead, which I also like….

What if you don’t want the ads?
See the bottom of this page for 4 ways go keep getting the fee email newsletter, but not the ads.

Do you endorse the advertisers?
I never endorse any advertisers. I often don’t know much about the companies or their products. 

When you are a publisher you cannot legally refuse advertising if it is slanderous, uses foul language, etc. I have only refused one advertiser, when I thought the ad was misleading. I required the advertiser to put a disclaimer in their ad. They decided not to advertise.  I never take advertising in my paid email newsletter.

What is in these free email newsletters?

These email newsletter, started in June 1994, is a digest of other people’s blogs and articles with links. I often write my comments on the articles. Occasionally I write a short commentary on a topic. These emails are very different than appraisal-related blog sites, for example, which have articles on various topics. All of those blogs are primarily marketed to real estate agents and the general public, for marketing purposes. Sometimes there have topics of interest to appraisers.

What topics are included in these email newsletters? What is interesting to me or useful information. I usually select articles I find interesting, such as strange homes and buildings. I seldom link to web pages where there is lots of negative appraiser ranting unless there is useful information also. Having a positive attitude is very important to having a successful business.

Why am I not getting your email newsletters?
Email is not a very reliable communication method. They get sent to spam (by your ISP, gmail, spam filter on your computer, etc.), get accidentally deleted or put in the wrong folder, etc. If you don’t know what is happening, call us. We have a detailed history of what happened to every email we sent you.

If you can’t figure it out, use one of the methods below. If you forget all of the information in this blog post, remember to go to www.appraisaltoday.com  . We  have a link to the email archives in the big yellow box. Or, go to www.appraisaltoday.com  and click on the blog link at the top of the page. We are posting all the new email newsletters and adding the old ones.

How do these free email newsletters differ from the paid Appraisal Today newsletter?

In contrast, my paid newsletter, started in 1992, has long articles on appraisal topics, such as adjustments, 1004mc, marketing tips such as how to get business from your web site, Big Data and appraisers, what is a bedroom, etc.

Sometimes there are critical issues for appraisers, such as Fannie’s Collateral Underwriter. I started researching and writing about CU in late 2014 and continued into 2015. Adjustments became a very big issue because of CU. I have been writing about adjustments ever since January 2015, including writing about statistical software, what adjustments should you make, how to make adjustments, etc.

What if you like the free emails but don’t want to get the ad-only emails?
There are four options. Once you get one of these options going, you can unsubscribe from the free email newsletter (bottom of each email newsletter). You can get these email newsletters using any of all three options.

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