Appraisal Forms – the next Generation


Customer Name:________________________________________

Subject Property Address:_____________________________


Description of Subject Property and Neighborhood:
Subject property is located in _______________________, a popular, well-maintained area that has enjoyed dramatic appreciation over the past year. Most buyers appeared to be unconcerned with size or overall utility of these homes, and seemed to be paying between $____________ and $____________, regardless of difference in appearance, condition, age, etc.

Market Value Assessment:
For the above reasons, we estimate the Market Value of the subject property
on this date to be:


(Loan agents to fill in blanks with assistance of any real estate salesperson.)

I certify that I have not inspected, driven by, or even thought about the property that is the subject of this appraisal. I also promise that I will not interfere in any way with the expedient funding of this obviously worthy property.

___________________________________ ________________
Signature of advocating appraiser                   Date

Note: This was posted on an appraisers’ mailing list on the Internet. The appraiser who posted it said it was “second or third hand” and he wasn’t the author. Thanks to the creative mind that came up with this…we can all use a few laughs!