Floppy Abuse

    Here are a few choice tidbits from the floppy abuse section of one of my favorite Web sites, Computer Stupidities.

  • Customer: “Excuse me can I use this disk? It has a hole in it.”
  • A customer saw me handling some floppies, and remarked, “How do they get the words small enough to fit on there?”
  • A company at which I once worked replaced their existing clones and XTs with PS/2s. Users were informed to convert their data to 3 ½ inch diskettes. One user didn’t replace everything. Not to worry, as she just folded the 5 1/4 inch floppy in half and jammed it into the 3 ½ inch drive.
  • One tech support person told a lady to insert a clean disk into the drive. She washed it first.
  • One user, a gentleman quite unfamiliar with computers and very short on common sense, had a floppy disk that wouldn’t stay in the disk drive. He called the help desk because his computer wasn’t working as it normally did and wondered if someone could take a look at it. The problem was his “solution” to his floppy disk problem. To get it to stay in, he used superglue to keep it in the drive.

    Check out for some great anecdotes about Computer Stupidities, or questions asked by clueless computer users. Be warned – you may find a question you have asked. I did! Check out for some other fun sites.
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