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Identification of Report Being Reviewed
Address 123 Easy Street, Pleasantville, USA

Date of Report: 10/01/2020
Date of Value: Whatever date works for you

Appriasal Firm: X-S Value Appraisals, Inc.

Loan Amount: $250,000
Value needed to make deal work: Loan Amount / .80 = $312,500 or more

Reviewer’s Conclusion (a) ACCEPTABLE

(b) Unacceptable*

*Before checking (b) above, reviewer should refer to certification items (3) and (4).

Reviewer’s Comment: The appraisal report was complete, adequate, relevant, and used appropriate methods and techniques to assure a reasonable value. (Other comments should be forwarded via fax to 1-800-JOB HUNT)

Assumptions & Limiting Conditions

My liability for this review is limited to the value of the paper it is written on.
No third party reliance is permitted (fourth, fifth & sixth, is OK)
I am so compitint.


(1) Reviewed in conformity with USPAP (Unprofessional Standards of Poor Appraisal Practice) and FIRREA (Financial Incompetent Reporting, Reviewing Enhanced Appraisals)

(2) Performed in consideration of meeting the required loan amount.

(3) Continuation of my job was contingent upon reporting predetermined results (or else!)

(4) My compensation is contingent upon closing this loan.

Signed: I. N. Competent, Reviewer Dated: Today

Many thanks for Dick Sorensen, MAI for this great appraisal humor!

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