Top 10 ways to say “No”

I found this message many years ago on the very active discussion boards at Not much has changed!!

“I’ve been overwhelmed with orders from finance companies not local to my area requesting SFR apps. As with many of you, I’m a single shop operator feeding my family, and am skeptical of such “institutions,” if remittance is contingent upon my value at least meeting what they’re looking for. As we’re all probably getting good at weeding out their motives, perhaps they’re becoming more sophisticated. So, here’s my Top 10 list of clues, whereby I say “No.”

  1. If they send you an order, without verbal correspondence first, say No.
  2. If they can’t pronounce your city name, say No.
  3. If you say no and they proceed as if you accepted the order, say No (AGAIN!)
  4. If you can’t determine the name of the company’s contact person, or number, because the fax is so muddled with routing information, say No (TO SOMEONE!)
  5. If they tell you they’ll be doing a lot of business in your area, say No.
  6. If they answer the phone saying “ABC Mortgage, formerly XYZ Mortgage,” say NO.
  7. If they send you an order to appraise a property several states and thousands of miles away, say No.
  8. If they don’t have a toll free phone number, say No.
  9. If they say they don’t know who to call, tell them to check out’s roster.

Need I say more???

This message was posted by subscriber Richard Poole, who gave me permission to reprint it. Thanks for a little humor!