Top Ten Reasons why it is great to be an appraiser

10. Dazzle your friends with your knowledge of external obsolescence.
9. The wonderful world of rats, bats, and spiders.
8. Be a part of the profession blamed for the collapse of the savings and loan industry.
7. See places in people’s houses that usually require a search warrant to access.
6. Arouse the suspicion of an entire neighborhood when inspecting comparable sales.
5. Chance to really irritate annoying real estate salespeople.
4. Walk around holding a clipboard just like “Skip” down at the Jiffy Lube.
3. Spend hours writing volumes of supporting documentation to justify the market value of a property you already decided on when you pulled into the driveway.
2. See that some people really do hang those black velveteen pictures of Elvis on their living room walls.
1. Be one of a handful of people who know that USPAP is not a medical term.
Many thanks to reader Joe Ibach, MAI for this great list! He doesn’t know the source…seems like it is one of those fax/refax/refax appraiser jokes…now floating around in cyberspace!