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Why Don’t Real Estate Agents Measure Houses? Appraiser Humor

Some reasons are:

  1. I lost my tape measure.
  2. It was raining, and I’m allergic to water.
  3. Shrubs give pantyhose the runs.
  4. It was dark when we finished the paperwork.
  5. My tape measure isn’t that long.
  6. I can’t multiply feet and inches times feet and inches.
  7. It was snowing, and I didn’t have any snow shoes.
  8. The back yard dog was not friendly.
  9. There were dog mines in the front yard.
  10. There were dog mines in the side yard.
  11. There were dog mines in the back yard.
  12. I forgot my glasses.
  13. I don’t have an ANSI yard stick.
  14. I couldn’t reach the second floor.
  15. Only airplanes get walk-around inspections.
  16. It was sleeting and my glasses fogged.
  17. We have to wait until the spring thaw melts the drifts.
  18. A dust storm was approaching fast.
  19. There was too much lightening.
  20. There was a hurricane approaching.

Written and posted on the Internet by Walt Humphrey. Thanks!!

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