John Tardiff
San Francisco, California

No hard-to-hear lyrics
Just songs written for you, about you.

Three FREE songs to download from John’s new CD – Just Out of Reach:
Make believe – Imaginations very late at night     Click here for streaming audio (faster)
Heroes – “Boys all want to be heroes.”    
 Click here for streaming audio (faster)
TV – A humorous song about television    
 Click here for streaming audio (faster)


Drama Queen of the Century

Valley of Darkness

I am not Steven King

River Run

Scroll down the page for candid fotos including John’s first band when he was 4 years old!!

Top of Form

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Bottom of Form

Just Out of Reach Song List:

  • 1 Make believe
  • 2 Billy Joe
  • 3 Heroes
  • 4 Cool to be rude
  • 5 Durkee’s faucet
  • 6 So many people
  • 7 Kill to live
  • 8 TV
  • 9 Just out of reach
  • 10 Elvis to Elvis
  • 11 Comin’ on through
  • 12 Too many words

John Tardiff by email:

John is the pioneer of the new Acoustic Edge sound. Rock Folk Pop.
Yes, it hints of all of them. With an edge.
His first CD “Just Out of Reach”, showcases a blend of catchy melodies, urgent, insightful lyrics, and a great singing voice. 

Candid fotos

Here’s a photo of my first band. That’s me with the guitar. Things didn’t work out though.
I guess we were a little immature.

“I’ve almost got it right.”

I finally got it right!!”

“Even the birds hated this song!!”