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May 2023

  • Assessment Appeals – Marketing, Reassessment Opportunities, Fees, Critical Dates, etc.  – Page 1
  • The Valuation of Condominiums, Cooperatives and PUDs, by Maureen Sweeney SRA, AI-RRS – Book Review – Page 9
  • Limiting Conditions and Assumptions – Appraiser Humor – Page 12

April 2023

  • Home Measurement Service – How to Use Your Appraisal Skills to Make More Money  – Page 1
  • How to get started in commercial appraising: 5+ unit apartments – Page 7
  • Making adjustments in today’s market, by Doug Smith, SRA  – Page 12


March 2023

  • Many ways to cut cost and increase profits and cash flow – Page 1
  • How to use less gas and save money with today’s high gas prices! – Page 5
  • How to get non-lender business by networking at meetings – Page 8
  • Staying positive with low fees, AMC hassles and slow business – Page 12

 February 2023

  • Expert witness for residential appraisers – High Fees, Little Competition – Page 1
  • Bail Bond Appraisals – all cash, very high fees, little competition – Page 11

January 2023

  • Get started in attorney work by doing divorce appraisals – significantly higher fees, no UAD, no underwriters, no AMCs
  • Speaking at real estate sales meetings is an easy way to market your appraisal business
  • Book Review – Identifying Residential Architectural Styles by Marc Nadeau

December 2022

  • 2022 Year-end tax planning for appraisers. Its’s not too late to save on your 2022 taxes! 
  • Book Review: Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use, by Mark Ratterman – reviewed by Joe Lynch 
  • Appraiser’s Heavy Loads – USPAP, GSES, Public Trust, Protect the Client, by Tim Andersen Marketing with holiday gifts and cards – An Easy and Most Excellent Marketing Tool 
November 2022
  • Communicating with non-lender clients: Very, very different from lenders!!
  • Tips for dealing with complex residential appraisals by Joseph Lynch

October 2022

  • Appraisals for estates and trusts – the most popular non-lender appraisals, Part 2
  • AEI’s Housing Market Indicators Report, by Wayne Pugh, MAI, FRICS, CCIM
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements, by Tim Andersen
  • Which are your best current and former AMC/lender clients? What do they want?
  • Client Rating Grid

September 2022

  • How to get a FREE Google Business Profile. Excellent way to get more appraisal business!
  • Fact vs. Fiction. Don’t let these four appraiser liability myths trip you up by Peter Christensen
  • Appraisals for estates and trusts – the most popular non-lender appraisals, Part 1
  • Estate/trust liability advice from Peter Christensen
  • How land contributes to value, by Jamie Owen

August 2022

  • Comparison of lender and non-lender appraisals– Page 1
  • What is a functionally obsolete appraiser, by Richard Hagar, SRA – Page 6
  • Markets are changing. What does USPAP say about trends, by Tim Anderson, MAI– Page 10

July 2022

  • E& O Insurance Update 2022 – Claims, State Boards, Discrimination, etc., by Claudia Gaglione, Esq & Madga Pretorius, Risk & Claims Analyst, LIA – Page 1
  • First Notice of Claim: Some Do’s and Don’ts – Page 4
  • 2022 E&0 Insurance – Where to Get E&O Insurance, What to Look For in a Policy, etc. – Page 6
  • 2022 E&O Insurance Brokers – Page 11
  • Risk Management for Real Estate Appraisers and Appraisal Firms – Book Review, by Ann O’Rourke – Page 12