The difference between mobile friendly and “regular” email ads

What is the difference between a non-responsive email and a responsive (mobile friendly) email?
Non-responsive emails are truly a one-size-fits-all email. They are built from templates using the margins typically seen on a desktop computer. A responsive email automatically adjusts to fit the margins on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Why choose a responsive email?
New studies show that up to 67% of emails are opened on mobile devices and tablets rather than desktops, which means that your emails need to be customized for these devices, too. In a side-by-side comparison, the responsive layout seems smooth, easy to use, and offers a better overall experience. The likelihood of a cracked link or problematic design issues decreases with a well-crafted, responsive design.



Desktop View
Responsive - Mobile Fridendly Emails:
Responsive emails adjust automatically to the user's device allowing for a great experience.
Text is easier to read as non-responsive emails have smaller text causing the user to zoom or pinch the email. Most users rather delete the email altogether.
Non Responsive