You know how to appraise. Many non-lender appraisals are easier than lender appraisals, with all their AMC requirements, reviews, low fees, and other hassles. Now you can decide fees, turn time, and more.

Very little competition. Few residential appraisers are willing to do non-lender appraisals. In the past I had much more competition when business was slow.

What Types of Non–Lender Appraisals Are Best For You?

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Your First Decision: 

What type(s) of non-lender work do you want to do? Read these Appraisal Today articles first before you decide. Don’t waste time on appraisals you don’t want to do!

  • Comparison of lender and non-lender appraisals.
    Lenders tell you how to do your appraisals and excessively review them vs. You decide. No reviews or hassles.
  • Communicating with non-lender clients: Very different from lenders. You decide scope of work, turn times, etc.
    How much marketing is required? Varies widely.
    Marketing varies widely from not much to extensive marketing You decide what type of marketing you want to do.

The easiest marketing – they contact you by phone and email!

How to get a FREE Google Business Profile.

Easy marketing – similar to the old mortgage broker days. Very little competition. Meet in their offices and/or do mailings

  • Assessment Appeals – Marketing, Reassessment Opportunities, Fees, Critical dates, etc. Very easy marketing – letters or post cards.
  • Private Money Lending – fast turn times, high fees. Meet in person. Mailings possible.
  • Home Measurement Services – How to Use Your Appraisal Skills to Make More Money. More MLSs are requiring square footage. You can do the “tough ones to measure” using Cubicasa and other phone apps. Agents don’t want to do them. Postal mailings to agents is possible.


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More marketing required – typically real estate agents and website and/or Google Business Profile. All articles below have specific marketing tips for each type.

  • Estate and Trust – the most popular non-lender appraisals. Parts 1 and 2
  • Divorce Appraisals – much higher fees than AMC/lenders.
  • Expert witness – the Highest Fees. Very little competition. Very few residential appraisers are willing to testify. Helpful tips on testifying.
  • Bail Bond Appraisals – all cash, very high fees, little competition. Meet in person in offices. Don’t market to attorneys. Mailings possible.

Marketing articles – for real estate agents and internet

I have always used networking with real estate agents. In 1998 I set up my first website. I get about half my orders from real estate agents and the other half from the Internet.

  • How to get referrals from real estate agents. The primary source of non-lender appraisals.
  • Divorce Appraisals – much higher fees than AMC/lenders.
  • Speaking at real estate sales meetings is an easy way to market your appraisal business. When I started my business I spoke at all the local sales meetings. Very effective.
  • How to get non-lender business by networking at meetings
  • Your Website/Blog – Easy Way to Get Non-lender work!


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Links for more information

Referrals. How to have business come to you!

Market Your Appraisal Services: 59 Ways to Get More Business Now

Since 1992, I have been writing about non-lender appraising in my monthly newsletter. From the day I started my business in 1986, I always accepted non-lender appraisals. I have done all types of non-lender appraisals and explain how to do them. I have many valuable marketing tips to help you get business.

The publisher, Ann O’Rourke, MAI, SRA, MBA, started appraising in 1975 and has been a self-employed fee appraiser since 1986. She has always done non-lender appraisal. Ann has been publishing the Appraisal Today monthly newsletter since June, 1992.

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