Zeke “Jerry” Mailman
Fishing Stories and Photos

Fish On by D.J. Stein – fishing buddy

 There was a man that I once knew,

I knew him well, and so did you.

He plied the ocean waters deep.

He bottom fished for fish to eat.

His soul belongs to the Ocean Pacific.

He was a good friend, and a man terrific.

He also wrote, and loved his garden.

He thought the world of folks, please harken.

To Zeke’s life so full, and now free,

He was a pal, a friend to me.

Forever in your hearts and thought,

A learned man who always taught,

He was a true fisher, and fisher of men.

I know it now, I knew it then.

“God rest his soul”, I say to part,

Goodbye to Zeke, so full of heart.

He gave to many, his soul to all,

He now abides in Heaven’s Hall,

Where fish abound to hear God say,

“Fish on! You’ve got one. Reel away.”

 Dedicated to Zeke Mailman

March 21, 2004

by DJ Stein