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What is the price?
The “base prices” are $99 per year  or $169 for two years.

We also have monthly ($8.25 per month) and quarterly ($24.95 per quarter) prices and an annual price of $89 ($10 off the regular $99 price). These prices are only available for automatic renewals and require a credit card number.

What if I don’t like the newsletter after I subscribe?
You can cancel at any time, for any reason, or no reason. Ann O’Rourke will send you a refund – the pro-rata share of the remainder of your subscription.

Do you have any books or reports about marketing or running an appraisal business?
I have 3 Special Reports of popular appraisal business topics. They are only available to paid subscribers.  Go to our Products page for more information.

Can’t I get all I need from this Web site?
I have a few articles in the Appraiser Info section. They will give you an idea of what the articles are like. Recent updates are on my free weekly email newsletter and my blog. It has links to other sites with some excerpts and comments from me. I focus on time-sensitive news. To subscribe to the free email newsletter, go to www.appraisaltoday.com

What is in this paid newsletter and how is it different from the blog and free weekly email newsletter?
    Appraisal Today is a monthly, 12-18+ page newsletter, in publication since June 1992. Since it is in PDF format, the length changes with each newsletter.  It provides appraisers with ways to make their businesses more profitable in periods of both boom and bust. News important to appraisers is covered so you know what is happening today that can affect your business now and in the future.

Who is the editor of Appraisal Today, and what are her qualifications?
Ann O’Rourke is a practicing fee appraiser and the principal of Ann O’Rourke & Associates in Alameda, CA, and knows what is important to appraisers. She does both commercial and residential appraisals for lenders, relocation companies, attorneys, accountants, and private individuals.

To keep appraisers up to date on the dramatic changes in the appraisal industry, I am the appraisal industry’s reporter. Over the years, I have obtained many sources of news and information.
Regularly attending industry meetings, using the Internet and online services, and establishing a network of contacts throughout the appraisal industry are just some of my methods for getting the latest news.
I spend the time and money necessary to keep up with the latest appraisal news, usually weeks (and sometimes months) ahead of other publications so you can find out what’s happening now, and, more important, what the news means to you.

I don’t take any advertising in my newsletter. It is 100% supported by my paid subscribers.

I belong to an appraisal association. Won’t they give me all the news I need?
The mission of appraisal associations is education, setting and enforcing professional standards, and providing member services. Providing news is important but really secondary to their mission. None have reporters on staff. So, some news is delayed or not covered at all.

Can’t I get all the news I need from the Internet?
I  go way beyond the news by writing comments on what it means for you. I get lots of information from the Internet myself and find it very useful. But, there is no good way to determine if it is accurate or reliable. Finding useful news for appraisers can be time-consuming, so I do it for you. Then you can spend more time on your appraisals. Also, I go beyond the press releases and newspaper stories to find out the news important to appraisers.

I already subscribe to several appraisal publications, and get some free. Why do I need this one?
There are several excellent publications focusing on the appraisal profession. But most of the publications are only published quarterly, providing delayed news. There is one published every month or twice a month.
None provide free e-mail updates.

All the other national publications, except one,  are published by appraisal associations or appraisal vendors. The paid Appraisal Today newsletter is unaffiliated with any product supplier or appraisal organization and doesn’t take advertising, so it is the only independent source of appraisal news.

Your publication is monthly. How do I find out about late-breaking news in the middle of the month?
A free weekly e-mail update is sent to all subscribers. News that can’t wait for the weekly update is e-mailed to all subscribers the day it happens. Sign up on the home page at www.appraisaltoday.com in the Yellow box.

What’s the difference between the Appraisal Today free weekly email newsletters in this blog and the paid monthly newsletter?