Why appraisers should use graphs

Using graphs: why are they so important?

By George Dell, MAI

Excerpts: Graphs provide the way for the human brain and the computer to connect. And why is that important? Why appraisers should use graphs.

Computers are really good at certain things. They can handle lots of data and can quickly carry out complex instructions (algorithms) with no mistakes, with perfect memory. They also work well with no sleep. These are things the human brain does not do well.

Humans are good at other things. We make decisions and solve problems based on “massively parallel processing” systems. These are our ‘common sense’, instincts, and broad knowledge of the topic at hand.

These can be called imagination, creativity, and even belief-based inspiration.

“Computers can outperform humans on certain specialized tasks, such as playing [the game] go or chess, but no computer program today can match human general intelligence,”

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My comment: Great explanation of why graphs are important for humans, including AMCs if they have any human reviewers to see the graphs.

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