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Shark house – Mexico city

Shark house – Mexico city

Excerpt from original article:
Senosiain’s home, which he shares with his wife, Paloma, and their daughters, looks like an enormous shark set into a hillside-the dorsal fin protruding from the roof eliminates any doubt. The front door is an oval copper panel set hobbit-style in a vine-draped recess in the shark’s side. In the shark’s gaping jaws, the curved window of Senosiain’s upstairs studio overlooks the city. Another studio window, a small porthole, forms the shark’s eye.

The ferro-cement construction was decidedly low-tech. Senosiain first outlined an undulating shape with a skeleton of closely spaced steel bars. He then covered this frame in two layers of chicken wire, one on top of the reinforcing bars, one beneath, and used a hose to spray on 2 inches of cement and water. “During construction, it looked like a skateboard ramp, but after it looked more polished, like an eggshell,” he explains. Once the structure was in place, Senosiain coated above-ground portions of the exterior with polyurethane and UV-resistant elastomeric waterproofing.
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