VIDEO: What’s Inside This House On Wade Avenue?  (in Raleigh, NC)

Very, very interesting. I find these videos for appraisers but not many people have watched them. This one has 1 million views after it was included in an article and has definitely gone “viral”. Definitely of interest to appraisers also!!

  1. Back in the mid 1960”s, I worked for Baltimore Gas & Electric in the Architectural Department as a draftsman when I was in HS, (work-study program). We designed and built power and gas transfer or sub-stations in neighborhoods, most of them disguised as one or two story homes like this one. This brings back a few memories. We had a few two-story colonials in upper class areas that were power stations, and no one driving by was the wiser.

  2. Very smart…I like it, it makes sense.

  3. Drive by candidate

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