I like to use California as it has always included trainees. ASC.gov is ok but includes duplicate licenses.

1994: 16,000 total license appraisers
1999 11,000 total license appraisers
2007 20,000 total license appraisers
2014: 12,232 total licensed appraisers

3,343 certified general appraiser;
6,147 certified residential appraiser;
1,906 appraiser licenses and
836 appraiser trainees.
total 12,232 appraisers

Quite a change up and down. Reflecting the mortgage market, of course!!

Posted by appraiser Roy Villa. Thanks!!

There are still way too many left!!

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  1. In closing let me say that if you do not like what we do and how we do it, please feel free to get out. Maybe fees will then go up to levels deemed acceptable. life is too short to work at something you despise. The reason to do this work are myriad. You stay clean, your time is your own,few people to deal with any longer other than phone monkeys from AMC and if you can’t snow those idiots shame on you. And yes guys we will always be here. The reason is simple. The banks, regulators etc must have someone to take a switch too when they F up. We have always been the whipping boy cause guess what? We are all powerful in many ways. We turn thumbs up or down on Trillions of dollars of deals. Liability is limited as it is our opinion. If you a good job you cruise through guys. It is a beautiful thing. Enjoy yourself and ultimately the money will come. Not piles but a good lifestyle. Appraisers don’t die from heart attacks but lawyers, bankers and mortgage brokers do so regularly. Seriously if you can’t find the good part of what we do then find something that will make you feel like you are worth what you are paid. Frankly, I have yet to meet anyone who thinks they are adequately paid for what they do.

  2. oh and as an associate I got $45

  3. I have been hearing about the biz going to hell for so long it is simply amazing. When I began this career 45 years ago we had to go to the courthouse across town for sales and dig them out of huge books, do our inspection, measure, then drive back and write it. Once rough draft came out we had to proof and do all calculations again by hand then white out and make changes after final typing. We had three sets of photos and paid for each one. Then to the map room to make exhibits and maps etc. Final proof and changes and in an envelope on which we paid postage. $90-yes that’s right $90. Yes you have to explain more but it is not rowing a boat kids. It is sitting on your ass pushing keys, eating pizza and watching ESPN. The difference between appraiser’s and puppies if a puppy stops whining when he grows up.

  4. I am always amazed when some entities lament/reflect on the declining numbers of appraisers. That is like Macy’s lamenting on not enough competition from competing retailers. In my opinion given the scope of work, market risk (subject to the ups and downs of the market), liability, etc. we are vastly underpaid. I feel the drawing/sketch alone is worth the cost of an appraisal. See what an engineer or architect would charge for a drawing. I don’t know why any recent college graduate with a business degree would want to be a residential appraiser. Maybe (big maybe) our fees will be commensurate with the work when our numbers decline. HOWEVER, I fully expect if our fees go up the powers that be will change the laws and use automated valuation models for underwriting. Especially with the vast of information we are providing to Fannie Mae. We are sowing the seeds of our destruction.

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