Malibu Video Beach House

Excerpt from the original article:

This conceptual proposal for a weekend beach house would be constructed on a vacant lot sandwiched in-between two existing houses along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu California. Here the houses line up side by side along the road with only a thin sliver of the ocean and beach visible between them.

The facade of the Malibu video beach house facing the highway is covered with thin gas-plasma television screens that create a full-size video interface with the real world. These screens display images and sounds of the real beach that is obscured by the house itself. The beach can be shown in real or recorded time. Day recordings can be played back at night; sunny day recordings can be played on cloudy days; summer days can be shown in winter. Over scaled detailed images of the beach and ocean can be shown as well as digitally altered images.

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Arc house

Excerpt from original article:

This amazing residence was built by Maziar Behrooz Architecture for a small family of two and their two big dogs. It’s located in East Hampton, NY, near the local airport and train track. The architects considered this fact and accentuated it in house’s exterior by making it look like an airplane hangar. Such structure does not only look extraordinary, but is also very cost-effective because it doesn?t require too many supporting walls or columns inside of the building. The arc contains just some of the facilities, such as living, dining rooms and the kitchen, whereas the rest of the house is very well integrated to the landscape, housing some of the more intimate areas.

The materials for the house were selected with energy saving in mind, making the power consuption of this house much lower than of the typical house of this size.

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Transparent House (Tokyo/ Japan)

Transparent House (Tokyo/ Japan)
  Excerpt from original article:
This house in Tokyo by Sou Fukimoto Architects, known as House NA, stands out with its modern and transparent style. The interior of the residence has hardly any walls. The house boasts large glass windows for plenty of daylight, but the downside is a lack of privacy.
The three-story edifice features various levels of living space within the segmented structure that’s great to just hang out on, as if you were perched atop a tree branch. House NA is the modern interpretation of an adult treehouse for permanent residence. Link to original article

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Shark house – Mexico city

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Shark house – Mexico city

Excerpt from original article:
Senosiain’s home, which he shares with his wife, Paloma, and their daughters, looks like an enormous shark set into a hillside-the dorsal fin protruding from the roof eliminates any doubt. The front door is an oval copper panel set hobbit-style in a vine-draped recess in the shark’s side. In the shark’s gaping jaws, the curved window of Senosiain’s upstairs studio overlooks the city. Another studio window, a small porthole, forms the shark’s eye.

The ferro-cement construction was decidedly low-tech. Senosiain first outlined an undulating shape with a skeleton of closely spaced steel bars. He then covered this frame in two layers of chicken wire, one on top of the reinforcing bars, one beneath, and used a hose to spray on 2 inches of cement and water. “During construction, it looked like a skateboard ramp, but after it looked more polished, like an eggshell,” he explains. Once the structure was in place, Senosiain coated above-ground portions of the exterior with polyurethane and UV-resistant elastomeric waterproofing.
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Skateboard-able Dream Homes

Skateboard-able Dream Homes

 Excerpt from original article:

Skateboarders often have a tendency to eye virtually every surface as they go about their day, sizing it up for its curves and rails, imagining what it would be like to skate it. What if more structures were skateable, or even designed with skateboarders in mind? These two houses, Skate Villa by Philipp Schuster and PAS House by Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe, are ultimate fantasy homes with curved walls, seats and even fireplaces.
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Greek underground house

Underground house in Greece

This gorgeous underground house design by Deca Architecture is built right into the idyllic landscape of the Cycladic Islands in Greece. The hill house was designed to withstand the windy climate off the Aegean Sea. It was carved into the earth with just the second storey visible above ground. Clad in stone, the house really gets down to earth with natural materials and a warm, homey aesthetic that’s still modern. This natural house design features spacious outdoor entertaining areas divided from the indoors by expansive sliding-glass doors. An infinity-edge lap pool outside frames panoramic views and seems to spill out into the sea

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