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This amazing residence was built by Maziar Behrooz Architecture for a small family of two and their two big dogs. It’s located in East Hampton, NY, near the local airport and train track. The architects considered this fact and accentuated it in house’s exterior by making it look like an airplane hangar. Such structure does not only look extraordinary, but is also very cost-effective because it doesn?t require too many supporting walls or columns inside of the building. The arc contains just some of the facilities, such as living, dining rooms and the kitchen, whereas the rest of the house is very well integrated to the landscape, housing some of the more intimate areas.

The materials for the house were selected with energy saving in mind, making the power consuption of this house much lower than of the typical house of this size.

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  1. I LOVE these unusual homes plus other types of buildings, bridges, etc.

  2. Very nice extension of the newsletter. Congratulations!

  3. Different for sure; in our area we have a lot of Yale grads of the design a different House; Peter Woerner comes to mind and has built similar type houses since the 70’s, he has won several Archt. Awards and his houses have been in many magazines.
    Unique houses are all over the place, appraising them is an Art form, that may use some science.

  4. This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this from you.

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