Excerpts: You know all about the real-estate market. But what about the “underground” real-estate market — the secretive efforts of homeowners to install doomsday shelters at home?

If suppliers’ reports are a gauge, the market is small but growing. Unlike 1950s-era fallout shelters and newer aboveground “safe rooms,” meant to protect against storms and home invasions, bunkers are buried at least 6 feet under, in part to shield occupants from nuclear radiation.

You can buy a bare-bones shelter for $38,000 uninstalled or spend tens of millions of dollars — and a surprising number do — on a lavish, custom-made subterranean sanctuary.

And yet, the fears are powerful. About 30% of Camden’s clients are into “2012 stuff, the-world-as-you-know-it-coming-to-an-end type stuff,” he says. “I’d say at least half, if not 55%, is all geared for economic collapse and anarchy.” The remaining 20% involves the military, data storage and EMP mitigation.

“Our typical client is a wealthy, white Republican, highly educated, usually with a minimum of a master’s degree,” Camden says. Typically, the shelter is attached to their primary residence. These clients, he says, fear that economic collapse is near.

My comment: Yes, I have watched a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers on TV. Very interesting, but somewhat strange. And I am a big fan of sci-fi post-disaster survivor movies and tv shows.

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  2. I agree that the show “Doomsday Preppers” has some strange reasons for some of the preparations being made. However, what they are doing will work to help them even if the unusual reason they had did not take place, when something a little more likely does happen. My wife does not like the show but I hold the remote and know that we can learn something by watching. (She still loves me.)
    Having a store of food and water, alternate heat source, a method of self-protection, etc.; can come in very handy for a variety of reasons. Ask those in the NE, after Sandy hit, if they wish they had been “preppers”. It did not take the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it for them to be in a desperate situation.

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