What is your plan to survive this period of slowed loan originations and appraisal volumes?
9/13/13 www.appraisalport.com poll

Nothing different – I’ll be OK. 2,925 votes 51%
Rely on spouse/relatives for any shortfall. 235 votes 4%
Take on some extra work outside of appraising. 593 votes 10%
Leave the appraisal profession for a different occupation. 558 votes 10%
Not sure yet. 1,438 votes 25%

Total Votes: 5,749

My comment: Somewhat encouraging. Of course, lender work goes up and down regularly!! Could be different results in a few months. Always too much or not enough work since I started my appraisal business in 1986. I have just the right amount of work for a couple of hours or maybe a day ;>

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