I am not sending our my Regular Thursday email newsletter this week. Just some fun photos of Widget O’Rourke!! More info after the photos. 

Trying to supervise the humans. They can never understand what I am trying to say!!

Exercise time – getting bored!

Waiting for my human chaffeur. I’m ready to go!!

I’m not sure about this neighborhood!!

Is that a mouse??
Checking out the overgrown landscaping for any rodents…

2 stories or 3 stories?

Checking for any foundation mouse holes

Measuring the house. The human makes me take the “dumb end” of the tape. I should be on the smart end!!

Finally back home. Nap time!!
More info:
Age: 5 months
Birthday: July 29, 2015
Weight: 4 pounds
Breed: Burmese
Language: Cattish with Siamese accent
Personality: very friendly, likes to travel and play, talks a lot, not afraid of anything except skateboards
About cats, cars and leashes
Cats are very easy to train. A popular method for all pets is clicker training. Just google it. Leash/harness training is best if started when a kitten. I brought Widget home October 31 (3 months old) and started leash and harness training the next week. She learned it within a day and I started taking her on “walks” in the back yard and on the sidewalk on my street.
She did not like being in the car inside the cat carrier. Cats like to look out. Finally figured out how to get her to ride in the car – purchased a raised seat with an attached leash.
In my 20’s I took several long trips with my cat in a van I converted (traveled 3-6 months at a time). The cat was not on a leash and harness. Went in and out of the van. When I was backpacking she followed along running in the bushes. I am finally traveling with my cat again!!!
I am not taking her out on inspections for now… she is very easily distracted ;> She loves traveling to take comp photos.
  1. Ann,

    As a fellow cat lover I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of Widget. Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face today. Thanks also for your informative emails that keep appraisers posted about changes (both good and not so good) that affect our profession. Keep up the good work and all the best for a great 2015.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ann. Didn’t know you were a cat person. Also didn’t know one could train a cat so well. You have a great New Years. Hope to see ya soon!
    Thanks for all you do for our industry. We appreciate you.

  3. Hilarious format for introducing a kitty.

    You can share a fun “inspection” game in the house with her called It’s In Here Somewhere. When she’s out of the room, hide a tiny catnip-filled toy and then call her in with an anchoring word or phrase. Then enjoy watching the “hunt.” You’ll need a bunch of toys because she’ll have fun shredding each one, you know, like a cat.

    After a dozen or so hunts over the course of several months, you can use the anchor phrase to call her at anytime. Pets only need the reward most of the time to keep them primed. People are the same way. It’s the only way to explain Las Vegas.

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