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I’m sure the folks on Cannibal Road are lovely people, I just won’t be attending any of their dinner parties. These are the streets that you don’t want to find yourself driving down – trust us, no good can come from a stroll on Buckets of Blood Street. Proceed with caution…
Thanks (again) to Jonathan Miller for this great link!!
What are the strangest street names you have seen?
My comment: Yes, there is an O’Rourke Street in a nearby city!!

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  1. Weiner Cutoff Rd. SOUNDS SO WRONG oh my lord.

  2. Butthole Lane. That’s where the campaign trail began for this year’s presidential election.

  3. Who Dat Rd in Plant City FL

  4. Knightmare Lane in the Bitteroot, Montana! I passed on the job:)

  5. Helluva Hill Rd. in Glen Mills, PA steep and just one thin lane on this dead end street

  6. Goinyour Way in Sacramento 🙂

  7. Rattlesnake Hammock, Naples, FL

  8. Hog House Hill Road in Rhode Island

  9. Tapeworm Rd. and Peepytown Rd.

  10. I am remiss in not mentioning Blow Hole Road in Madison County, NC

  11. Bacon Slip in Milford MA… for a fun one

  12. Widow Maker Road is my favorite in these foothills of cliffside one lane roads.

  13. Morning Wood Court

  14. Carrion Lane is nothing compared to some of the original ones. Never liked Pee Paw Drive either, in fact I never liked “Pee Paw”…it sounds like Grampa has a prostate issue.

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