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AppraisalPort Poll Results 12/10/12

During this holiday season, I plan to:


Take some time off to relax at home with family and friends. 1,720 votes  37%
Take some time off to travel and see family and friends. 457 votes           10%
Take some time off to catch-up on all those home improvement projects. 195 votes   4%
Take some time off to go somewhere for a real vacation. 162 votes           3%
Work straight through the Holidays – way too busy to stop. 2,109 votes  45%

Total Votes: 4,643

My comment: Bad, Bad, Bad for 45% who will be working! And this does not even count just not working on Xmas!!

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  1. A wise man told me once, “No one is going to go to your Funeral and say, What a great guy, he really worked his butt off for us”.

  2. I put all clients on stop as of 12/10 for the rest of December, since I made “quota” back in early October. Sitting now on my hotel balcony in Oahu looking at palm trees and surf. Next week going to Aspen. Thank you all for picking up the slack on my behalf. I sent a Christmas card to Ben Bernanke, looks like 2013 shaping up to be another big year on refi’s. Don’t be afraid to take time off and enjoy life.

  3. I am so worried about what is going to happen to the real estate market in the coming new year with all of Obama’s “health care” bill changes, that I feel I have to take all that I can do up to our next housing crisis that I suspect will hit with the new year!! Besides, our insurance has already gone up 30% this year and there are additional cuts in what is being paid for. Our computers are outdated, so we have to get new ones. ETC, ETC, ETC. Costs go up, fees go down. Been appraising since 1986—and haven’t raised fees since 1996!

    • I’m not on holiday either. But honestly do you really think health care is going to crash the economy? Hedge funds, WAMU and wall street investors crashed it. I’m not and it doesn’t sound like your making over 250K. What are you worried about, the demise of the Tea Party. Stop listened to Rush Limbo oxy something.

  4. I have to go to inlaws house for a “vacation”, would rather work.

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