Question: What is your highest level of education (non-appraisal related)? poll results

Didn’t finish High School. 93 votes     1.5%teacher and class
High School or GED 300 votes             5%
Some College classes 1,475 votes         25%
Community College Graduate (AA) 555 votes 9%
Tech school graduate 139 votes          2%
University Graduate (BA, BS, etc.) 2,947 votes 49%
Graduate Degree (MA, PhD, etc.) 506 votes 9%

Total Votes: 6,015

My comment: Down from the Stone Age, pre-licensing, when it was hard to get an appraisal job without a bachelor’s degree, but still 58% with at least a bachelor’s degree and only 6.5% with no college.

What level of education, training, and experience should a review appraiser have relative to the appraiser originating the report? poll results
More   2,772 votes   48%
About the same   1,993 votes    35%
Less   25 votes    0.4%
It doesn’t seem to matter these days   980 votes    17%

Total Votes: 5,770

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  3. It is good that a majority of us believe in education, but then the majority of us are also educated and know the value of it to appraising.

    While we are at it lets overhaul trhge appraisal review process so that it works to improve the profession as opposed to a vehicle to throw appraisers under the bus.

  4. I have submitted to the CFPB and Senators, that very thing. Reviewers, and anyone requesting additional comparables, questioning statistics, etc, should have at least an equal or better education/qualifications, as the appraiser. Along with a few other things, such as, Reviewers must report to a Federal agency, any apparent gross negligence, gross incompetence, potential fraud. (This is the only way we are going to clean our house. Right now, no one says anything) Plus some comments about Intellectual property developed by the Appraiser, not found in Public Records.

    • You are absolutely correct and to that end the Confidentiality Rule is really completely counter productive.

      1. Raise the educational bar for admission and tenure in the appraisal profession and pay appraisers to take the time they need to thoroughly develop a reliable appraisal.
      2. Make the appraisal process, including engagement and contacts with the appraiser, to be completely transparent.
      3. Remove the lending industry from any influence in the appraisal profession.
      4. Require all reviewers to be accountable to an appeal board that is comprised of competent practicing appraisers.

      You are on the right track and we have a long way to go to convert the pressures appraisers now face from the profession and clients into things that are positive for the profession and professional development.

  5. It’s good to see that the majority of people feel that the review appraiser should have an education great than or equal to what the typical appraiser has. Great post Ann!

    • Absolutely. Not only that, they should have a minimum number of hours as an appraiser themselves. Say, 10,000?…..

  6. I think those results are absolutely amazing and very positive for the future onf the profession.

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