Poll Results 4/1/13 – www.appraisalport.com

With many ways available to view a property (ex. MLS and Google photos) how do you feel about having to always include your own comp photos?

Always necessary 1,928 votes 36%
Sometimes necessary 1,731 votes 32%
Rarely necessary 1,313 votes 25%
Never necessary 368 votes 7%
Total Votes: 5,340

My comment: interesting results. I have to take my comp photos, even if I have seen the property recently. I’m always afraid I will miss something… I guess I am just “old school”. Of course, I have only done a few desk appraisals or reviews. I just couldn’t seem to be able to do them. Oh well…

I love these www.appraisalport.com surveys!! Thanks to Steve Costello for doing them!!

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