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How do you foresee your workload and income changing in the next year if the government slows its purchase of mortgages and/or interest rates begin to rise?

I see things slowing a lot. (36.4%) 1,886 votes
I see things slowing a little. (38.5%) 1,993 votes
I don’t’ see any real change (18.9%) 978 vote
I see things picking-up a little. (3.8%) 198 votes
I see things picking-up a lot. (2.4%) 126 votes
Total Votes: 5,181

My comments: I suspect it will slow down but I don’t know how much. Lots of appraisers are turning down work every day now. Time to prepare for the upcoming slowdown, with the inevitable reduced fees. Fees are now based on supply and demand of work.

Make as much money as you can on each appraisal you accept.

The July issue of my Appraisal Today newsletter, see below, has an excellent article on negotiating with AMCs to make more money.

I also have an article on getting started doing divorce appraisals. I have always taken non-lender work, since I started my appraisal business in 1986. I would not be in business today if I didn’t have it to help me get through the down cycles of appraising, both the big and small swings in volume of business.

Appraisal Today newsletter

  1. The report on the workload of the appraisers in the 2014 is quite interesting.

  2. Yeah that a great work, the result are as expected and its gone effect lot more than we think.

  3. My personal opinion is that Karen Ryan threw her money away obtaining an SRA designation. That money would have been far better spent on transitioning into a new career.

    Here is one small example:

    You can have access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software for roughly half the cost of WinTotal’s Alamode appraisal software. This multi task software allows you to design everything from web pages, to printed items, to videos & DVDs. The only other then you may need would be a website (another $200 to $500). Your compensation is easily $50 per hour plus depending on what you are designing and selling and you can work from any location. Best of all there is little to no liability, no massive overhead, no licensing fees, no MLS dues, and no AMCs cracking their whips across your back each day.

    Better careers are everywhere for appraisers who are fed up with the BS. Quite honestly I cannot think of a worse career than residential appraising at the moment.

    Best of luck Karen. Someone has to accept those jobs for 1990 fees. It may as well be you.

  4. I just don’t understand appraisers who won’t do private work. Mortgage appraisals make me feel like a trained monkey, trying to remember all the codes, guidelines, and rules. I can write and analyze a private appraisal report my way, on my schedule – it’s a great feeling. My goal is to do 75% private work, 25% lender work (for very select clients). To that end, I’m about three months away from getting the SRA designation. Better late than never!

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