1. I have been booked out over 2 weeks for years. I also charge some of the highest fees in my area. Maybe they will pay more and wait for higher quality work.

  2. I submitted this pole. I had a category for “more than one month” but it was edited out – not sure why? It would have been helpful to have the additional category. Myself and many appraisers have been booked out over two weeks for over a year now so the pole as it was presented is somewhat misleading. I am currently booked out about six weeks and have been for most of 2016. In my market area six weeks seems to be the threshold where clients are able to find another appraiser, except for some rural location properties.

    • Thanks for the info!! Sorry, I did not do the poll. I know that lots of appraisers, including myself, are way beyond 2 weeks.

  3. currently between 9 and 10 weeks out. Most of my work is rural and east and south of the Denver metro area. Rarely do I go west or north (west of I-25 or north of I-70) anymore. If I do, its because my really high fee to do so didn’t say “NO” loud enough…

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