black pantherHow the AMC  (maybe) saw the cat


Fair lending violations per AMC.

This first circulated on the Internet in September. I finally found the original source!!

This was from the famous/infamous real estate and mortgage news and commentary videos with Frank Garay and Brian Stevens.

I love the “Frank and Brian” video show!! It is mostly about mortgage lending but is sometimes about appraisers. They used to have an appraiser version, but one of the two appraisers went to work for the CA state regulator, so it was discontinued.

Foto of the The Two Guys

Here’s link to the video to see them in action!!!

  1. It’s the employees. Just like at the Lender’s office. They want $8 an hour employees, that’s what they got.

  2. Having pondered this real hard yesterday and I was pretty sure I knew what motivated this AMC. Superstition!

    Black cats are thought by some to be bad luck and what AMC would chance jinxing their next order from a client?

    Then I thought just maybe witches keep black cats around and if the loan doesn’t go through the borrower could claim discrimination due to witching or what ever you call it.

  3. I have and will continue to fight this type of crap from an AMC. Obviously someone at the AMC had no idea what they were doing and I would have gone over their head to their boss and had this cleared up. I’ve done it before and will do it again on things that these people have no clue about. If the Appraiser knows what they are doing, you can contest these things, some of these people at the AMC’s do not know what they are doing. A lot of them do, but as always there are always a few who have no business reviewing someone else’s work.

  4. just to clarify, “The Appraisal Show” was not part of Frank & Brian’s show. It was HOSTED by Think Big Work Small, but created by a couple GREAT appraisers here in Sacramento. We miss the show – but Bill McKnight is still very active with the Sacramento Chapter of REAA – so we still get to hear his insights and humor!

    • My BAAD!! I loved the Appraisal Show and really miss it!!! I forgot that Frank & Brian just hosted it but it fit in well with what F&B were doing. Very, very few pro-appraiser web sites out there. TBWS is one of them.

  5. From a professional appraisal perspective there is no legitimate justification for AMCs to exist, therefore everything they do is meaningless.

    But wait, obviously the point is that the cat is black and race, for plenty of legitimate reasons, is one of those things that can’t be mentioned in mortgage applications.

    So thanks to the AMC for expanding our horizons and increasing our sensitivity.

    Yeah, right!

    Best of all, the video is really funny. Thanks for sharing. I signed up

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