Communicating with other appraisers – O’Rourke Pontificates on Dustin Harris, the Appraiser Coach’s Podcast

Dustin and I discussed the big issue that many appraisers don’t know other appraisers personally (face to face or over the phone). Dustin talked about the times he has tried to establish relationships with other local appraisers. One was very successful and the other did not work very well. But, both resulted in one personal relationship each. I have written about this topic before and discussed my personal experience plus the “big picture”.

Online communication is fine, but not very good for local issues. Plus, it is hard to establish relationships.

To listen to it, go to . All the podcasts are there. This one is #051, Communication; a key to running a successful appraisal business. Check out the other podcasts. I subscribe to the podcast on itunes and listen to it in my car.

I was inspired to do a 7-page article on the topic for the October issue of Appraisal Today, sent out Oct.1. I sent out a request for info on small, unaffiliated groups in last week’s newsletter. To subscribe to the paid Appraisal Today, click on the banner ad below.

Many thanks to the 13 appraisals groups I profiled! They replied to a questionnaire I sent and I contacted some over the phone. Lots of good tips for appraisers thinking about starting a group and those who currently have an active group. Very interesting!!

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  1. Good for J.P. Morgan. I totally agree with their thinking.
    4000.1 is crazy and FHA thinks they can make their own rules and add building inspection, and appliance appraiser to their guidelines. I just don’t do them. If you do FHA appraisals, better have AFLAC!

    Appraisers are leaving due to poor wages. Period! Cannot make a living on
    30 hour report writing. In Michigan alone, over 175 licenses were surrendered this past year. Meaning there are better jobs out there without the high cost of doing business.
    Has nothing to do with appraisers communicating with each other.
    Life is too short for licensing, education, poor income and no free time.

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