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How much vacation time do self employed appraisers usually take per year? Poll Results, June 17, 2013

How much vacation time do you usually take per year?
None 893 votes 15%
1 week or less 2,251 votes 39%
2 weeks 1,624 votes 28%
3-4 weeks 712 votes 12%
5-6 weeks 128 votes 2%
More than 6 weeks 107 votes 2%
I’m partially retired 128 votes 2%

Total Votes: 5,843

My comment: I remember 26 years ago, when I was a corporate employee with 3 weeks vacation, plus sick leave. Of course, I was not a good employee. I am just not suited for working for someone else. But, I do miss those regular paychecks, vacation, benefits, etc. etc.

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