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Lenders and/or AMC’s 80 votes 1.5%
Fee appraisers 378 votes 7.4%
Appraiser Organizations 153 votes 9%
All of the above 520 votes 10%
No one specifically – market demand will drive it like any other profession. 3,882 votes 76%
Other 114 votes 2%

Total Votes: 5,127

My comment: my favorite choice was left off – lenders! They trained most of the appraisers prior to licensing.

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  1. Ann,

    Lenders still are training appraisers, nothing much has changed. I think the latest thing of significance the lenders have come up with is the magical UAD code.

    In my mind it is the responsibility of the profession to train, but that is not the same thing as bringing in “new meat.” I’d gladly train in ethics standards and methods, but I wouldn’t ask my enemies to do residential work under the current circumstances.

    And I do not expect lenders to back off on appraiser pressure either no matter how many of us are disciplined for succumbing..

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