7 Things an appraiser has to be thankful for
Most Excellent comments By Tom Horne on his blog
I didn’t have time to contact Tom for permission to read his entire blog posting. It is worthwhile reading.
It’s easy to get caught up in the negative parts of our jobs, however I would guess that if we all thought about it we would find more positive Things an appraiser has to be thankful for things than negative. It’s always nice to have something like Thanksgiving to help us reassess our situation. Appraisers are no different than anyone else.
  1. Relaxed work schedule- The majority of appraisers work for themselves and enjoy a relaxed work schedule.
  2. You can pick and choose your clients.
  3. You’re in total control of your success.
  4. Good blend of working in and out of the office. I like my job because I don’t have to sit at my desk all day. I am able to work outside of the office during appraisal inspections which helps me to not get bored with what I am doing.
  5. You have control over how much money you make. A good part of owning your own business is that you are in charge of everything you do.
  6. Current trends in grassroots efforts. … some positive changes that have resulted from this is the trend in appraisers starting to take control of the situation and make themselves heard through the use of social media and state coalitions.
  7. Better tools for doing our job.
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  1. It is good to have something positive for apprasers. Thanks for your blog posting!!!

  2. Grandkids

  3. I am thankful to God for a 40 year career in a great field of enjoyment and learning. I have seen things most people never get to see in anothers house. I am grateful for my faith, family and friends this Thanksgiving.
    God bless you Ann,

  4. thankful for my husband and his continued improving health, my dog Sadie Sue, all of my family, that I’m working, that I have the ability to pay it forward……have a great holiday season!

  5. Thanks for sharing Ann! Happy Thanksgiving.

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