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  • How to keep safe from COVID-19, including tips for appraisers
  • The Vaccine Race
  • Grammerly can fix your grammatical errors By Wayne Pugh, MAI
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Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested. It focuses on appraisers who go inside homes, but much of it is relevant to anyone.

This issue has a long update of my April article on coronavirus at Of course, information is changing on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. The effective date of the newsletter is Friday, July 31.
Every time I speak with anyone and mention I write about the virus, the first question is what is happening with vaccines. Vaccines are a very hot topic, changing almost daily, so it is included.
There are many long links, which don’t always work in the 3 column version, so I have included Google search words to use.
I gave this away to all appraisers and anyone else who wants it. Why? It was the Right Thing to Do. Many other paid publications are giving away relevant COVID articles.
I will be updating COVID-19 info regularly in this free weekly email newsletter.
I also included Wayne Pugh’s article on Grammerly, a very good way to check your writing, making it easier to read and more professional. It has a free version which is easy to use (Chrome add-on).
Newsletter excerpts: Outside is much less risky than inside. You can get infected by breathing air from someone who is infected for as little as 5 minutes. Aerosols (small particles) can travel farther than 6 ft. indoors.
Most appraisers go inside homes, apartments and other types of properties. Now we know that crowded spaces with little ventilation are very risky. You and occupants need to both have masks if they are in the home or outside. Using a cell phone in your car is best when speaking with occupants. Find out how many people live in the home (density). I have lots more tips.
Also, I have information on vaccines, such as who decides who gets the vaccine, manufacturing and distribution, etc. What is Operation Warp Speed and what does it mean for you? Links to Covid Vaccine Trackers that can keep you up to date on the daily changes about vaccines. Plus lots of other reliable resources. Issues in getting safe and effective vaccines (the more the better) and many other topics.
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