“(Bob) Murphy (Fannie Mae) does acknowledge that Fannie Mae is able to track photos in each appraisal, a practice many appraisers have long suspected, which means that Fannie Mae is able to detect when appraisers reuse comparable photos in different appraisals and flag appraisals which contain outdated photos as deficient.”

My comment: I have been hearing for awhile about appraisers who use the same smoke alarm photo in all their appraisals. Be careful out there. Fannie is watching!!

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  1. If a comp sale sold 10 months ago and I shot a pic of it 8 months ago I see no need to go back and shoot it again. The pic I already shot is more credible than one I would shoot today, 10 months after the sale, regardless of today’s “weather”.

    • If you have a photo of the sale close to Coe and use a newer photo where the sale is painted and remodeled it could be argued you are misleading the client with the “fresh” photo. This is undoubtedly one of the stupidest cubicle originated ideas I remember.

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