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9 Very Funny Quotes for the Self-Employed Appraiser

Just For Fun!!

Some great, very funny, animated gifs ;> We All Need Real Estate Appraisers Self Employment Humor!!

Here are a few comments:

“The crappy thing about being self-employed is I never believe myself when I call in sick.”

“Things people say: ‘It’s Friday!’ Things self-employed people say: ‘It’s Friday?’”

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My comment: We all need some appraiser humor! Something for everyone in this blog post!! Unfortunately, animated gifs usually don’t work well in these email newsletters. You Just Gotta See Them!!

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Covid-19 Residential Appraisers Tips on Staying Safe

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How to use Google addresses in your appraisals!!

How to use Google addresses in your appraisals!!

Google’s Street View is doing photos all over the world!!

I used to spend a lot of time doing preliminary research on an appraisal by looking up property data on public records. Now, I just google the address!! Google provides a front photo and the search often includes other services such as zillow and trulia that provide public records data.

Someone calls or emails you about an appraisal. Hopefully, you check out the property before you decide whether or not you want to do the appraisal and decide your fee. Just google the address!! You can do it in your car with your smart phone.

Do you ever get back to the office and notice that your comp photo doesn’t match the MLS photo or, more likely, you are not sure you are selecting the correct photo?
You sometimes can also zoom in on google photos to check the address of a property.

Living in a rural area? Keep a lookout for a Google car,motorcyle,bicycle,camel,?? They seem to be everywhere!!! Or, just check out your relatives’-friends’-ex’s-child hood homes. It is endless!!

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