CHANGE YOUR TEMPLATES!!, computer folders, etc.

  • Appraisal template(s) forms, and narrative appraisals, proposals/bids, etc.
  • Set up new (sub) folders on your computer for 2018, such as 2018fotos and 2018appraisals. Every year, starting January 1, I keep using 2017 on my personal checkbook. I am setting up  about 10 checks with the year already on them so I finally will get this right ;>
  • Note: this depends on what you have already set up. Or, maybe it is time to think about setting up folders if you have difficulty finding files.


For your mileage log. I also always go to my mechanic for oil change, etc. to get an “official” odometer reading, which the IRS prefers. I learned a lot after miserably failing my IRS audit of my “recreated” mileage log as I did not have one.

Is Your Life Integrated? – George Dell

Tools for work, tools for life.

Excerpt: This time of the year for many is a time of reflection and hope. My reflection today is how some principles of our profession may be principles of a successful life; what those principles may be, and how they’ve contributed to my joy and sense of satisfaction and service.

Very interesting. Worth reading!!

My comment: I have known George for many years. He has appraisal ideas I have never seen anywhere else. He is a regular contributor to the paid Appraisal Today.

A few appraisal New Year’s business resolutions

 (These are brief excerpts from the January 2017 issue of the paid Appraisal Today article: “New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Set goals for 2017 and how you will accomplish them” available to paid subscribers

Below are examples. Setting specific dates is very important. You know what is important to you.
* Bring your lunch one day of the week when working in the field. (Saves time and money, plus is healthier)
* Fire two AMCs by the end of February.
* Get one good new client in the first six months. Start your search in February. Get another new client before the end of the year – start looking in April.
* Maintain contact with a few local appraisers that you know. Call them every other month, starting in January. Discuss local appraisal issues, data services, etc. Try not to do too much complaining.
* Learn how to do something new on your appraisal forms software programs
* Using more of your MLS’ (or any other data source) features plus how to use them more effectively. Your goal for April.
* Take two CE classes to upgrade your appraisal skills, not just “get hours”.
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Last minute tax writeoffs for 2017 

– pay by 12/31/17 at midnight 

(credit card)

  • Subscribe to the  paid Appraisal Today – Find out how the new tax law affects appraisal businesses – estate tax and pass-through business 20% deduction in the January 2018 issue.
  • Charitable donations.I do this every year close to the end of the year. This year I will be donating to our local women and children homeless shelter, very close to my house. Plus donating to my local PBS station, which I listen to every day.
  • Pay business expenses. With the new pass-through deduction most appraisers’ income taxes will go down next year.
  • Delay billing so the income is received in 2018, when my taxes will go down.

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7 Airports More Interesting Than the One You Use

These unusual runways put the wonder back in flying.

Just For Fun!!

For some lucky travelers, airports can still render a travel experience worth remembering. Whether it’s charming Art Deco features, innovative design, or truly amazing runways, these airports make the hassles that typically accompany a brief stint in the sky worth the trouble.

Here are a few:
Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport – Zion’s Hill, Caribbean Netherlands
shortest commercial landing strip in the world
Alton Bay Seaplane Base – Alton, New Hampshire
Landing strip is a layer of ice.
Sky Harbor Airport – Anchorage, Alaska
Cooperatively owned runway slices right down the middle of the small settlement, exclusively for the people who live in the neighborhood. Each house even has its own small airplane hangar.

Home prices since 1870

By Katharina Knoll, Moritz Schularick, Thomas Steger 01 November 2014
Thanks to Jonathan Miller’s Housing Note for this fascinating link!!
House price fluctuations take centre stage in recent macroeconomic debates, but little is known about their long-run evolution. This column presents new house price indices for 14 advanced economies since 1870. Real house prices display a pronounced hockey-stick pattern over the past 140 years. They stayed constant from the 19th to the mid-20th century, but rose strongly in the second half of the 20th century. Sharply increasing land prices, not construction costs, were the key driver of this trend.

Lots of graphs, links, etc. Very interesting!!

Appraiserville from Jonathan Miller’s Housing Note 12-22-17

Appraiser-Waiver-ville – read the post and send your comments ASAP to Jim Park at the Appraisal Subcommittee using instead of Jim’s email address.

Link to ASC appraisal waiver policy document:
Appraisers Pushing Back Against AMC Bad Behavior!
Read what Solifi sent to their appraisers and one appraiser’s response. Plus… two Fun videos!!

Excerpt from the Solifi letter: ” 1. If you have an order due on Christmas eve, Christmas or the day after, please make plans to meet the due date or turn reports in early. Turning reports in late due to a holiday is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Every effort should be made to set the right delivery expectations.”

Scroll down the page to Appraiserville, after watching the video at the top, and check out some of the interesting graphs, videos, etc. on your way down the page!!

To read the many appraisers’ comments on solifi, go to:


I think only us appraisers are working. I suspect AMCs are still sending out automatic email bid and update requests, etc. I remember my corporate days of taking off from Christmas to New Years! But, I don’t miss the politics, boring meetings, etc. ;>

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