How To Appraise Rural Properties

How To Appraise Rural Properties

Excerpts: Appraising residential properties in rural areas can be both challenging and rewarding. Unlike the standardized expectations of urban and suburban properties, rural properties often present unique characteristics that require a nuanced approach to valuation. Whether you’re a seasoned appraiser or new to the field, having a better understanding of rural properties is essential for providing credible appraisals. In this guide, we’ll explore what defines a rural property, the challenges appraisers face, reasons for conducting rural appraisals, strategies for finding comparables, and tips for writing a compliant appraisal report.

  • Defining rural properties – USDA and GSEs
  • Challenges of appraising rural properties
  • Appraising rural properties presents unique challenges due to their diverse characteristics and market dynamics.

Topics include:

  • Diverse property types and uses
  • Unique property characteristics
  • Limited market activity and more
  • Writing your rural property appraisal report – good ideas

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My comments: Worth reading, if only to find out about rural appraising. Well written. There are relatively few residential lender appraisals available now. This is an excellent diversification opportunity, with little competition from other appraisers or the GSEs use of other ways to get a value without human appraisers.

What if there are few rural areas near you?

You can expand your area to include rural appraisals to get more business.

When I worked for a northern California assessor’s office with rural areas I learned a lot about almond growing (the main crop) and other ag topics. It is not hard to learn the valuation factors. I had niece who had several horses for many years where she lived. There are equestrian facilities within 5 miles from my house in Oakland hills and in farther out Bay Area cities with larger lots. You may have some similar rural experience now!

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers has a specialty in Rural Appraising, but it requires a Certified General. There may be seminars available. Another reason for upgrading!

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